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Alex Bowers

This week I speak to a good friend of mine, Alex Bowers. We discuss Alex's stammer and how that has impacted his mental health and both his personal and professional life.

Freek Van der Herten

This week I speak with Freek Van der Herten of open source PHP fame at Spatie. We talk about making open source a culture, time management, turning off distractions and more! This episode contains a couple of expletives!

Caleb Porzio

I speak to Caleb Porzio. We discuss dealing with general anxiety, Caleb's life-crippling phobia, the struggles of having many passion projects, conquering public speaking and more!

Jason McCreary

This episode I speak to Jason McCreary. JMac has been a developer for twenty years and in that time has created many projects including Shift, authored BaseCode - for practises on improving the code you write. He also produces the video course, Confident Laravel. We discuss working handling stresses when writing code, YAGNI, identifying burn out and more!

Happy Birthday Robin

Happy Birthday to my brother, Robin. See the show notes for support numbers.

Jess Archer

This episode I speak to Jess Archer. Jess has worked with PHP and Javascript professionally for the last 15 years and is currently working as a contractor. We discuss being a woman in tech, imposter syndrome, how being public about your mental health can affect employment opportunities and more.

Mohamed Said

Mohamed Said is a developer at Laravel, husband, father, cyclist, runner, free-diver and blogger. In today's episode, Mohamed tells his story. We discuss how mental health is perceived in Egypt, working alone, not reading the news and more!

Matt Stauffer

This week I’m speaking to Matt Stauffer. Matt is a partner at the web agency Tighten, developer, teacher, podcaster and author. Matt and I speak about his experiences with anxiety and depression, being a great employer and other things!

Dries Vints

In our first episode I speak to Dries Vints, a software developer at Laravel. Alongside his day job, Dries is a blogger, speaker, meetup and conference organiser, podcaster and has recently announced Eventy, a new project he’s working on.

Episode 0

An introductory episode to the Happy Dev podcast with your host, James Brooks.

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