An interview podcast discussing mental health in software development, with your host, James Brooks.

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Alex Bowers

This week I speak to a good friend of mine, Alex Bowers. We discuss Alex's stammer and how that has impacted his mental health and both his personal and professiona...

Freek Van der Herten

This week I speak with Freek Van der Herten of open source PHP fame at Spatie. We talk about making open source a culture, time management, turning off distractions...

Caleb Porzio

I speak to Caleb Porzio. We discuss dealing with general anxiety, Caleb's life-crippling phobia, the struggles of having many passion projects, conquering public sp...

Jason McCreary

This episode I speak to Jason McCreary. JMac has been a developer for twenty years and in that time has created many projects including Shift, authored BaseCode - f...

Happy Birthday Robin

Happy Birthday to my brother, Robin. See the show notes for support numbers.

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